Animal Control

The Health Department manages the Animal Control Department and its programs for the Town of Westport.

The Animal Control Officer and the Assistant Animal Control Officers are responsible for enforcing local ordinances, state statutes and regulations related to: 
unlicensed dogs;
leash law violations;
unvaccinated animals; 
animal bite quarantines;
and all animal complaints from the public.

Westport is a Right to Farm Community - please visit the Agricultural Commission Page for more info HERE

Please consider spaying/neutering your pet. The Massachusetts Animal Fund offers spay/neuter vouchers to qualified residents. Call Animal Control for availability.

For more information on funding available through the "I'm Animal Friendly" License Plate Grant contact Animal Control.


Do you enjoy feeding the feral/community cats but are concerned about the unpleasant odors of the male cats spraying, marking their territory, fighting over female cats in heat, litters of unwanted kittens?  The T-N-R(Trap,Neuter,Return) is where the cat is trapped in a humane trap, brought to be spayed/neutered, receives a Rabies vaccination, is ear tipped(a portion of the left ear is snipped off to identify the cat a part of a manged colony that participates in the TNR program) and returned back to the trapping location. More information is available by contacting Animal Control at 774-264-5129

REMINDER: Please keep your dog contained to your property.... it's not only the law but it reduces the chance of your dog either being struck by a vehicle, being picked up and taken home by a passerby(claiming it as their own) or ending up in "doggie jail"


  • Be sure your dog is licensed and wearing its license and rabies tags secured to its collar.
  • Write you name and phone number on its collar.
  • Have it microchipped - **Please be sure your information is current with your microchip company!!

If your dog or cat is missing:

  • Check with your neighbors
  • Call Animal Control at 774-264-5129
  • If your pet is picked up by Animal Control and is brought to the shelter (Forever Paws Animal Shelter, Fall River) please know it cannot be released without a current Rabies certificate, per State Law. (you may be asked for proof of current town license as well)

Remember, as Animal Control officers it is our goal to reunite lost pets with their families as quickly as possible. Help us, help them! Your pet(s) thank you!

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Donna Lambert Animal Control Officer
Caitlyn Riley Assistant Animal Control Officer