Gift Fund

Our Shellfish Gift Fund allows the Department to purchase shell stock for the River. It is only for relay shellfish and seed shellfish. I have a five-year plan in place to collect $100,000.00 each of the five years to make it possible for us to increase shellfish throughout both branches of the river. This increase in shellfish will help clean the water by eating the algae the nitrogen produces, making the river healthier and it helps the economy by putting more local fishermen to work, harvesting these shellfish.

To date, we have collected and received commitments for $270,000.00 of the $500,000.00 I am working towards. We still need your donations to achieve the remaining $230,000.00. All donations are accepted and appreciated for this huge endeavor. Thank you to all who have contributed to the five-year plan.

We also collect your Lees Market receipts for the gift fund. Lees Market gives 1% of the receipt total to the Gift Fund. If you shop at Lees, please save your slips for us, the proceeds go toward purchasing shellfish for the River. Lees Market grocery receipts can be dropped off in an envelope to the Shellfish Office, Town Clerk’s Office or the Board of Selectmen’s Office. Thank you for helping.