Snow & Ice Policy


The snow season is just around the corner and the Westport Highway Department will dispatch Town-owned equipment to clear snow and ice from the roadways, municipal buildings, and parking areas.

Clearing of the snow and response time involves a number of factors including the timing of the storm, the type of snow, if it is fluffy, dry snow or extremely wet, the amount of vehicular traffic on the roadways at the time of the storm, which will affect how the snow gets packed along the roadways, and the time of the year the storm occurs. Also affecting the snow is the duration of the snowstorm. Such things as the rate and accumulation of snowfall, temperature, time of day or night, wind direction and velocity, and duration are all factors that interact to create a unique character for each storm with the result that no two storms are the same.

The Highway Department, with the much needed and appreciated cooperation of the Police Department, will respond to slippery roadway conditions as soon as possible.

Please be advised that it is illegal to deposit snow on the sidewalk and roadways.

Residents are requested to avoid parking on the roadway during all snowplowing operations.

Assistance to Private Property

The employee may, if a hazard exists, notify the Westport Police Department of the hazardous condition. Under no circumstances will a Town employee use a Town vehicle to perform any snow removal or ice control operation on private or commercial property, nor will the employee be allowed to use Town equipment on his or her own personal property.

During the Storm

Depending on the forecast and conditions, chemical treatment may continue throughout the storm. Town plows will begin to plow major roads after approximately 2”-3” of snow accumulation. Roads are plowed in the following priority: major roads first, then secondary roads, and finally minor roads and dead-ends. During a storm our goal is to keep roads passable for emergency vehicles.

After the Storm

Plows will continue to clean and widen roadways until every road in Town has been completed. Please be aware that it takes several hours to complete plow operations after the snow has stopped. You may see plow trucks driving with their plows raised or sanding trucks not spreading sand. These trucks may be returning for fuel or sand or may be en route to their assigned areas.

Clearing Your Driveway

The Highway Department tries to minimize the amount of snow that gets plowed into driveways. Also, as long as there is snow in the street, the plow driver will continue to plow the street, some of this additional snow will end up at the driveway opening. Please know that it is the responsibility of the property owner to clear their driveway opening. To avoid double work while clearing your driveway, try to shovel snow from your driveway after the plow has been by, and shovel the snow to the right side of your driveway as you face the road instead of to the left.

Property Damage

During the course of operations throughout any given winter, the snow removal forces may incur a certain amount of damage to Town and private property. If a Town plow or truck damages a mailbox through direct contact, the mailbox will be repaired or replaced in accordance with established guidelines with a standard type mailbox. The Town cannot replace decorative mailboxes. A standard design will be used for all mailbox replacements. A property owner who installs decorative mailboxes does so at his/her own risk. If a Town truck damages any lawn area, they will repair the area in the spring with loam and seed.

Every attempt will be made to provide passable roads under the severe budget constraints. All townspeople will need to recognize that they will need to be patient in that plowing, cleaning, sanding, and salting will be done on a labor and budget availability. This will result in delays in one or more of these functions. We urge patience, caution, and concern for safety.