As of 2015, the town is represented by State Senator Michael Rodrigues (Democrat 8th Bristol Plymouth District) ) who is Assistant Majority Leader in the state senate in the First Bristol and Plymouth districts, which includes Fall River, Freetown, Rochester, Somerset and Swansea. The State Representative for the 8th Bristol District  is Paul Schmid (D) , who is Chair of the Joint Committee on Environment, Natural Resources and Agriculture. Westport is part of Massachusetts's 9th congressional district in the House of Representatives and is represented by William R. Keating (D), The state's senior Senator, elected in 2012, is Elizabeth Warren (D). The junior Senator is Ed Markey (D) elected in 2013.

Westport is governed by a five-member Board of Selectmen with staggered elections, who serve for 3 years. A town meeting is held once or twice each year.  Town officials consist of elected and appointed persons.  Volunteer committees and boards, as well as elected persons, serve the community. Westport adopted the Community Preservation Act in 2002 and set up an Affordable Housing Trust in 2010.

Location of Town Facilities

The Town Hall and Town Hall Annex are located in Central Village on Main Road.The police department is located directly south of the Town Hall. Westport has a full-time fire department, (which also has on-call firefighters). The Town has two fire stations:  one located in the north end on Briggs Rd. and one in the south end on Hix Bridge Rd. The Fire Department also staffs two Advanced Life Support ambulances 24 hours a day. There are four post offices for the Town's two ZIP codes: the main post office is located on Route 6, a smaller branch is located on Old County Rd near the Head of Westport, and the branch on Adamsville Rd. in Central Village serve the zip code 02790: while the station located at Westport Point, on Main Road serves the zip code 02791. The Town's library, the Westport Free Public Library, is located on Old County Road directly west of the Head of Westport.