About the Tax Collector

The Tax Collector’s Office collects the following:

  • Real Estate & Personal Property Bills: Billed twice a year with payments due quarterly. Fiscal Years run from July 1st to June 30th. Preliminary bills are mailed at the end of June with payments due August 1st, & November 1st. Actual bills are mailed at the end of December with payments due February 1st & May 1st. Any payment not paid timely is subject to interest at 14% per annum. There is no grace period.
  • Motor Vehicle Excise Tax Bills: Billed at different times throughout the year with the first commitment usually billed in March or April. Any vehicle registered will be issued an excise bill from the time it was registered to the end of the calendar year. Bills are due within 30 days from issue date. Unpaid bills are subject to a $30 demand and 12% per annum interest.
  • Boat Excise Bills: Billed once a year and are due 60 days from date of issue. Unpaid bills are subject to $20 or a 20% penalty, whichever is greater, in addition to a $30 demand and 12% per annum interest.
  • Municipal Liens are also prepared by this office for a fee of $50 and a self addressed stamped envelope.
  • Water Bills: are issued quarterly by the water department and collected through the Tax Collector's office. At this time, water bills can not be paid online. Please mail payments to Tax Collector, P. O Box 3408, Westport, MA  02790. For questions concerning your water bill please contact the water department at 508-636-1004.
  • Motor Vehicle Excise, Boat Excise Real Estate, and Personal Property tax payments may now be made online. There are no signup costs or subscription fees for using this service. There is a $0.50 convenience fee per cart for payments made by ACH transfer (electronic check) from your savings or checking account. There is a 2.95% fee ($1 minimum) for payments made by credit card. Please note fee amount before finalizing payment.Taxpayers may sign up by visiting the town's website at www.westport-ma.com and clicking on Pay Taxes Online.  Follow the instructions from there.