Helpful & Informative Links

Helpful & Informative Links:

  • Westport's Emergency Management Plan
  • CZM Grant Viewer - Coastal Zone Management 
  • Resilient MA: A Climate Change Clearinghouse for Massachusetts (projects, interactive maps, grants)
    • RMAT - Resilient MA Action Team
  • NCCR - Northeast Center for Coastal Resilience
  • StormSmart Coasts Program - Information, strategies, & tools to help communities and people working and living on the coast to address the challenges of erosion, flooding, storms, sea level rise, and other climate change impacts. The program also promotes effective management of coastal landforms, such as beaches and dunes
    • StormSmart Properties - Fact sheets for property owners on reducing coastal erosion and storm damage 
    • StormSmart Communities - Helps local officials prepare for and protect their communities from coastal storms and flooding—both now and under higher sea levels.