Landing Commission

The Landing Commissioners are charged the overseeing these Landings

Public Landings

Laid out by Proprietors of Dartmouth and found in Proprietors Records. These Landings were layed out between 1843 and 1851 and 1851 by Town of Westport pursuant to Chapter 171 of the Acts of 1848. A description of these landings as defined are on record with the Town Clerk. These landings are under the control of the Landing Commissions and are subject to the by-laws of the Town of Westport for the Govermnent of Public and Town Landings approved June 1848 and June 28,1889. The general public is entitled to use these landings on the same basis as the inhabitants of Westport.
1. Head of Westport (both sides); 2. Hix Bridge (west side); 3. Near Adamsville on west side of Acoaxet River; 4. East Beach ncar Dartmouth Line; and 5. Westport Point (east side of road).

Town Landings
Acquired in various ways by Town of Westport. Control and regulations same as public
landings but inhabitants of Westport may be given preference over general public.

1. Hix Bridge ( east side); 2. Gooseberry Neck Bar; 3. East Beach at the Let  and 4. Central Wharf at Westport Point.