Town Moderator

Steven Fors, Town Moderator

Westport's 2023 Annual Town Meeting will be held Tuesday May 2 at 7PM at the New Middle High School at 400 Old County Road. 

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About Town Meeting

Every year on the first Tuesday in May, Westport convenes an Annual Town Meeting at which all willing registered voters of the town meet to function as the town’s legislature. There are sometimes additional Special Town Meetings called by the Selectmen at other tiems of the year. Town Meeting decides upon a list of matters contained in a “warrant” prepared by the Board of Selectmen. While the list is prepared by the Selectmen, any citizen can have add an item to the warrant with a 10 signature petition.

Town Meeting acts on every item in the warrant and does not act on anything that is not in the warrant. The individual items on the warrant are known as warrant articles. They do a limited number of things:

  1. Appropriate money- appropriation is not the same as spending. It is an authorization to spend.
  2. Adopt, repeal or modify by-laws
  3. Set salaries of elected officials
  4. Adopt state statutes
  5. Approve acceptance and disposal of some town property

and a small handful of other things.

The meeting is chaired by an elected Moderator who conducts the meeting, decides questions of order and declares the outcome of votes. Westport’s Moderator is Steven Fors. He is always available to answer your questions about Town Meeting and to help you participate fully and effectively. He can be reached:

By email at

Or by telephone at 508 496-8978


Staff Contacts

Name Phone
Steven Fors 508 496-8978