Boy Scouts Get to Learn About Aquatic Water Systems

On Wednesday, October 22, 2014, Gary Sherman Shellfish Warden and Wharfinger and his assistant Chris Leonard went to Our Lady of Grace Parish Center to speak to Pack 100 Webelos Cub Scouts about aquatic water systems in Westport for their Naturalist Activity Badge. Mr. Sherman explained the Seed Program, which involves bringing "baby" quahogs and scallops to the Westport River to repopulate the shellfish stock in the river. The Scouts learned how this program helps keep our rivers clean and helps wildlife, wetlands and the overall natural and economic environment of Westport. The Scouts were able to touch different species of Shellfish and learned the names of some of the animals that live in the shells that they find at the beach. The Scouts were shocked to learn that quahogs actually live for hundreds of years.