This calendar year the Shellfish Department has been working from Grant Monies and Gift Fund Monies to increase shellfish numbers in the river. A 1,000 bushel relay was planted in three locations of the East Branch this past spring (David Road – East/West Half Moon Flat). These three areas will open this fall in two-week intervals starting November 15th - 2,000 more bushels were planted in both the East and West Branches of the river in the fall; 1,000 bushels in the River Road – Grasshopper Point – Towns Point, .20 Area, will stay closed until late summer per Division of Marine Fisheries (DMF) policy allowing the quahogs to depurate and throw a spawn. In the East Branch, 1,000 bushels were planted at Ram Island and 100 bushels were planted at Emma Tripp Landing.

These areas also will be closed until late summer due to DMF policy.  Money for this fall relay came from the Gift Fund. Thanks to all the fishermen who helped plant these bushels of quahogs.