Road Layouts

Road Layouts

These scans are of the road layout maps in the Town Clerk's office.  The numbers are from the official list.  The Planning Board has added important information to these maps.


1 Horseneck Rd99E Sanford Rd-2176A Grand Pine Way 

2 Matheus St

99E Sanford Rd-3177 Bayberry Dr 
3 East Briggs Rd299E Sanford Rd-4178 Beaulieu St 
4 Breault St (East)299E Sanford Rd-5178A Beaulieu St 
4A Breault St (East)99F Sanford Rd179 Green St 
4B Breault St (East)99G Sanford Rd-1180 J Dr 
5 Breault St (West)99G Sanford Rd-2181 O Dr 
6 Mount Pleasant St99G Sanford Rd-3181A O Dr 
7 Bower Ave99G Sanford Rd-4181B O Dr 
8 Watuppa Rd99G Sanford Rd-5182 Primrose Ln 
11 Brussel St99G Sanford Rd182A Primrose Ln 
12 Tickle's Rd100 Atlantic Ave183 Laurel Ln - Dionne St 
12A Tickle's Rd102 Horseneck Beach-1184 Van Buren St 
12B Tickle's Rd102 Horseneck Beach-2185 Green Acres-1 
12C Tickle's Rd-1102 Horseneck Beach-3185 Green Acres-2 
12C Tickle's Rd-2102 Horseneck Beach-4186 Karen Dr 
12C Tickle's Rd-3102 Horseneck Beach-5187 Keith Dr 
12D Tickle's Rd-1102 Horseneck Beach-6188 Monique Dr 
12D Tickle's Rd-2104 Greenwood Ave189 Green Acres - Greenfield Rd - Sunnyfield Dr 
12D Tickle's Rd-3104A School St and Arlington Ave189A Sunnyfield Dr 
12D Tickle's Rd-4105 Cadman's Neck190 Christopher Cir 
12D Tickle's Rd-5106 Eleventh Ave191 Buttercup Ln - Evergreen Ln - Holly Hill - Patricia Way 
12D Tickle's Rd-6107 Ocean Ave192 Jeffrey St 
12E Tickle's Rd-1108 Sixteenth Ave193 Briar Dr 
12E Tickle's Rd-2109 Sixth Ave194 Pond Dr 
12E Tickle's Rd-3110 Fifth Ave195 Raymond St and George St 
12E Tickle's Rd-4111 Fourth Ave196 Pratt Ave 
12E Tickle's Rd-5112 Third St196 Pratt Ave 
12F Tickle's Rd-1113 Second Ave197 C St-1 
12F Tickle's Rd-2115 East Briggs Rd197 C St-2 
12F Tickle's Rd-3116 Cadman's Neck198 Orlando Ave 
12F Tickle's Rd-4118 Hillside Rd199 Boysenberry Dr 
12F Tickle's Rd-5119 Hemlock St200 Holly Ln-1 
13 Lakeshore Ave120 Briggs Rd200 Holly Ln-2 
14 Berryman St-1121A Briggs Rd201 Pine Cone Way 
14 Berryman St-2121B Briggs Rd202 Pine Needle Way 
15 Summer Ave-1121C Briggs Rd-1203 Little Pine Way 
15 Summer Ave-2121C Briggs Rd-2204 Francis St 
15A Summer Ave121C Briggs Rd-3205 Figuerido St 
15B Summer Ave121D Briggs Rd-1206 Majoka Dr 
16 Brayton Morton Ln121D Briggs Rd-2207 Kelly Ave 
17 Hix Bridge Rd121D Briggs Rd-3208 Longview Dr 
18 Adamsville Rd-1121D Briggs Rd-4209 Jason Dr 
18 Adamsville Rd-2121D Briggs Rd-5210 Chestnut Hill Dr 
18 Adamsville Rd-3121D Briggs Rd-6211 Ridgeline Dr 
18 Adamsville Rd-4121D Briggs Rd-7212 Daniel Dr 
18B Adamsville Rd-1121E Briggs Rd-1213 Denis Dr 
18B Adamsville Rd-2121E Briggs Rd-2214 Sawdy Dr 
18B Adamsville Rd-3123 Donna St215 Beechwood Dr-1 
18B Adamsville Rd-4124 Bassett Ave-1

215 Beechwood Dr-2

18B Adamsville Rd-5124 Bassett Ave-2215 Beechwood Dr-3 
18B Adamsville Rd-6125 Brian St216 Thomas St-2 
18B Adamsville Rd-7126 Christopher Cir-1216 Thomas St 
18B Adamsville Rd-8126 Christopher Cir-2217 Rochelle St 
18B Adamsville Rd-9127 B Dr-1217A Rochelle St 
18B Adamsville Rd-10127 B Dr-2218 East Morency Ave 
18C Adamsville Rd - relocation-1127A B Dr219 West Morency Ave 
18C Adamsville Rd - relocation-2128 Harrison St220 East Normandin St 
18C Adamsville Rd - relocation-3129 Sigmund and Rita Kut221 Fallon Dr-1 
18D Adamsville Rd130 Hobart St221 Fallon Dr-2 
18E Adamsville Rd-1130A Hobart St221 Fallon Dr-2 
18E Adamsville Rd-2131 Watuppa Ter223 Steven Ave 
19 Fisherville Ln132 Rosalyn St224 Lynn Ann St 
19B Horseneck Landing-2133 Russell St-1225 Brookwood Dr 
19B Horseneck Landing133 Russell St-2227 Dumont St 
20 Westport Point Bridge133 Russell St-3227 Dumont St 
21 East Beach134 Oakland St229 Lawson St 
21A East Beach-1135 N Dr230 Harbor and Point Zoning 
21A East Beach-2136 Almada St, Bill St, and Sylvana St-1231 Pettey Ln 
21A East Beach-3136 Almada St, Bill St, and Sylvana St-2232 East Normandin St 
22 Pine Wood Ave136A Sylvana St233 Euclide St 
23 J. Edward Newton and Tickle's Rd136B Sylvana St234 West Normandin St 
24 Pine Tree Ave137 Bob St235 Thomas St_Davis Rd 
25 Old Bedford Rd-1138 Cornell Rd236 West Beach Rd_Eleventh Ave 
25 Old Bedford Rd-2138A Cornell Rd-1236 West Beach Rd_Fifth Ave 
25 Old Bedford Rd-3138A Cornell Rd-2236 West Beach Rd_First Ave 
25 Old Bedford Rd-4138B Cornell Rd-2236 West Beach Rd_Fourth Ave 
25A Old Bedford Rd138B Cornell Rd-3236 West Beach Rd_Ocean Ave 
25B Old Bedford Rd-1138B Cornell Rd-4236 West Beach Rd_Second Ave 
25B Old Bedford Rd-2138B Cornell Rd-5236 West Beach Rd_Sixth Ave 
25C Old Bedford Rd138B Cornell Rd-6236 West Beach Rd_Third Ave 
25D Old Bedford Rd-1138B Cornell Rd-7236A Ridgeline Dr West-1 
25D Old Bedford Rd-2138B Cornell Rd-8236A Ridgeline Dr West-2 
25D Old Bedford Rd-3138B Cornell Rd-9237 Chabot St 
25D Old Bedford Rd-4140 Town Hall Lot238 Heritage Dr 
25D Old Bedford Rd-5141 Beeden Pl-1239 Madison Ct 
26 Faulkner St-1141 Beeden Pl-2240 Kim Dr 
26 Faulkner St-2142 E Dr241 Lucy Ln 
26A Faulkner St-1143 Sodom Rd-1242 Christine Dr 
26A Faulkner St-2143 Sodom Rd-2243 Susan Dr 
26A Faulkner St-3143 Sodom Rd-3244 Irene Dr 
26B Faulkner St143 Sodom Rd-4245 Tripp Dr 
27 Rock St143 Sodom Rd-5246 Brookwood Dr 
27B Rock St143 Sodom Rd-6246A Bookwood Dr 
28 McKinley St143 Sodom Rd-7247 Town of Westport 
29 Hurricane Ln143 Sodom Rd-8248 Town of Westport 
30 Acushnet Ave143 Sodom Rd-9249 Windrush Ln 
31 Pine Tree Ave143 Sodom Rd-10250 Sheila Ave 
32 Glenwood Ave143 Sodom Rd-11250A Brookside Ave 
33 Osborn St143 Sodom Rd-12251 Dias Ave 
34 Taft Ave143 Sodom Rd-13252 Riverview Dr 
34A Taft Ave143 Sodom Rd-14253 Quail Trail 
35 Taft Ave143 Sodom Rd-15254 Fisher Rd 
35A Taft Ave143 Sodom Rd-16255 Beeden Rd 
36 Warren Ave143 Sodom Rd-17256 Pleasantview Estates-1 
38 Elmwood Ave-1143 Sodom Rd-18256 Pleasantview Estates-2 
38 Elmwood Ave-2143 Sodom Rd-19256 Pleasantview Estates-3 
39 Washington St143 Sodom Rd-20256 Pleasantview Estates-4 
40 Milk Ave143A Sodom Rd256 Pleasantview Estates-5 
41 Crane Ave143B Sodom Rd-1256 Pleasantview Estates-6 
42 Greenwood Ave143B Sodom Rd-2256 Pleasantview Estates-7 
43 Velvet Ave143B Sodom Rd-3256 Pleasantview Estates-8 
45 Drift Rd143B Sodom Rd-4256 Pleasantview Estates-9 
45A Drift Rd143C Sodom Rd256 Pleasantview Estates-10 
45B Drift Rd-1144 Main Rd-1256 Pleasantview Estates-11 
45B Drift Rd-2144 Main Rd-2256 Pleasantview Estates-12 
45B Drift Rd-3144 Main Rd-3256 Pleasantview Estates-13 
45B Drift Rd-4144A Main Rd-1256 Pleasantview Estates-14 
45B Drift Rd-5144A Main Rd-2256 Pleasantview Estates-15 
45B Drift Rd-6144B Main Rd-2256 Pleasantview Estates-16 
45B Drift Rd-7144B Main Rd256A Westlook Ln 
45C Drift Rd-1145 Main Rd257 Sandpiper Dr 
45C Drift Rd-2145A Tyler St258 Westview Dr 
45C Drift Rd-3146 Old County Rd-1259 Fernmarsh Ln 
45C Drift Rd-4146 Old County Rd-2260 Zulmiro Dr 
45C Drift Rd-5146 Old County Rd-3261 Diane Way 
45D Drift Rd-1146 Old County Rd-4262 Eddy Dr 
45D Drift Rd-2146 Old County Rd-5263 Andrea Ct-1 
46 Acoaxet Rd-1146 Old County Rd-6263 Andrea Ct-2 
46 Acoaxet Rd-2146 Old County Rd-7264 Forsythia Ln-1 
46A Acoaxet Rd and Brayton Point Rd146 Old County Rd-8264 Forsythia Ln-2 
48 Oakland Ave146 Old County Rd-9264 Forsythia Ln-3 
49 Arthur St and Johnson St146 Old County Rd-10265 Oak Ridge Ln 
50 Acoaxet Rd146 Old County Rd-11266 Katlyne Ct 
50A Acoaxet Rd146 Old County Rd-12267 Amory Pettey Way 
51 Lenox Ave146 Old County Rd-13268 Celtic Dr 
52 Conserve Ave146 Old County Rd-14269 Scotts Way 
53 Pauline St146 Old County Rd-15271 Bluebird and Dogwood Ln 
54 Pettey Lane146 Old County Rd-16272 Clover Ln 
55 Borden St-1146 Old County Rd-17273 Daisy Ln 
55 Borden St-2146 Old County Rd-18274 Ivy Meadows Ln 
56 Lassonde St146 Old County Rd-19275 Fieldstone Dr 
57 Grove Ave146 Old County Rd-20276 Winterberry Ln 
58 Goodwater St146 Old County Rd-21277 Gabriala Ln 
58A Goodwater St-1146 Old County Rd-22278 Shannon Dr 
58A Goodwater St-2146 Old County Rd-23279 Autumn Dr-1 
58B Goodwater St146 Old County Rd-24279 Autumn Dr-2 
59 Harrison Court146A Old County Rd280 Stagecoach Rd 
60 Dionne St146B Old County Rd-1281 Hunters Way 
61 Johnson St146B Old County Rd-2282 Benjamin Tripp Rd 
62 Plymouth Blvd146B Old County Rd-3283 Courtlyn Ln 
63 Senechal St146B Old County Rd-4284 Jillian Way-1 
64 Fairway Dr and Pierce Rd146C Old County Rd-1284 Jillian Way-2 
65 Register Ave-1146C Old County Rd-2284 Jillian Way-3 
65 Register Ave-2146C Old County Rd-3285 Aimes Way 
66 President St and Rock St146C Old County Rd-4286 Meadowbrook Ln-1 
67 East Beach and Horseneck Landing146C Old County Rd-5286 Meadowbrook Ln-2 
68 Plymouth Blvd146C Old County Rd-6286 Meadowbrook Ln-3 
69 Barnaby Ave146C Old County Rd-7287 Longwood Dr-1 
71 Donna St and Masson St-2147 Fifth Ave-2287 Longwood Dr-2 
71 Donna St and Masson St-3147 First-Second-Third288 Lighthouse Ln 
71 Donna St-1151 Old County Rd-1289 Spinnaker Way 
71A Masson St-1151 Old County Rd-2290 Main Rd_Kirby to Hixbridge-1 
71A Masson St-2152 Horseneck Rd-1290 Main Rd_Kirby to Hixbridge-2 
71B Donna St152 Horseneck Rd-2290 Main Rd_Kirby to Hixbridge-3 
71C Donna St152 Horseneck Rd-3290 Main Rd_Kirby to Hixbridge-4 
72 Watuppa Rd152 Horseneck Rd-4291 Jordans Way-1 
73 Adirondack Ln152 Horseneck Rd-5291 Jordans Way-2 
73A Adirondack Ln152 Horseneck Rd-6292 Bentley Ln 
74 Gifford Rd152 Horseneck Rd-7293 Strawberry Ln 
75 William St152 Horseneck Rd-8294 Rodrigues Estate Dr 
75A William St152 Horseneck Rd-9295 Harvest Hill Rd 
76 Hebert Ter152 Horseneck Rd-10296 Hidden Glen Ln 
77 Janet Ave-1152 Horseneck Rd-11297 Morning Dove Dr 
77 Nancy Blvd-2152 Horseneck Rd-12298 Brushwood Cir 
78 William St152 Horseneck Rd-13299 Chestnut Hill Dr 
78A William St152 Horseneck Rd-14300 Meadow Brook Ln 
79 Osborn St154 Cleveland St301 Granite Post Rd 
80 Riverside Ave155 Monroe St302 Old Farm Rd 
81 Summer St156 Horseneck Beach Res303 River Rd-1 
82 Cadman's Neck157 Route 6303 River Rd-2 
83 Hix Bridge to Handy's Corner-1157A Route 6_1303 River Rd-3 
83 Hix Bridge to Handy's Corner-2157A Route 6_2303 River Rd-4 
83 Hix Bridge to Handy's Corner-3158A Cherry and Webb Ln-1303 River Rd-5 
83 Hix Bridge to Handy's Corner-4158A Cherry and Webb Ln-2304 Brushwood Cir 
83 Hix Bridge to Handy's Corner-5158A Cherry and Webb Ln-3501 Old County Rd-1 
83 Hix Bridge to Handy's Corner-6158A Cherry and Webb Ln-4501 Old County Rd-2 
87 Washington St158A Cherry and Webb Ln-5501 Old County Rd-3 
88 Acoaxet Rd158C Cherry and Webb Ln501 Old County Rd-4 
89 Cottage St-2159 Hillside Ave501 Old County Rd-5 
89 Cottage St160 D Dr501 Old County Rd-6 
90 Old County Rd-1160A D Dr501 Old County Rd-7 
90 Old County Rd-2160B D Dr501 Old County Rd-8 
90 Old County Rd-3161 Lakeside City-2501 Old County Rd-9 
90 Old County Rd-4161 Lakeside City501 Old County Rd-10 
90 Old County Rd-5162 Shirley St-1501 Old County Rd-11 
90 Old County Rd-6162 Shirley St-2501 Old County Rd-12 
90 Old County Rd-7162 Shirley St-3501 Old County Rd-13 
90 Old County Rd-8163 R Dr501 Old County Rd-14 
90 Old County Rd-9163A R Dr501 Old County Rd-15 
90 Old County Rd-10164 Barbara St501 Old County Rd-16 
90 Old County Rd-11165 Newton St501 Old County Rd-17 
90 Old County Rd-12165A Newton St501 Old County Rd-18 
90 Old County Rd-13166 Tripp Dr501 Old County Rd-19 
90 Old County Rd-14167 Chabot St501 Old County Rd-20 
91 Old County Rd and Main Rd at Gifford's Corner168 University Dr501 Old County Rd-21 
92 Acoaxet Rd old relocation168A University Dr501 Old County Rd-22 
93 Horseneck Rd-2169 Middle Ave501 Old County Rd-23 
93 John Reed Rd-1170 Birch Ave - Oak Ave1712 Benoit St-1 
94 Violet Ave, Gadoury St and Goyette St171 Jiggs St1712 Benoit St-2 
94A Violet Ave171A Jiggs St1712 Benoit St-3 
95 Atlantic Ave-2173 L DrCornell Rd 
95 Atlantic Ave174 Reed Rd-1Map A 
95A Atlantic Ave174 Reed Rd-2Map B New Bedford 
95B Atlantic Ave174 Reed Rd-3Map C Town of Westport 1970 
96 West Horseneck Beach175 Robert StMap D Dartmouth 1794 
96A Horseneck Village Development175A Robert St-1Map E Westport 1921 
97 Union St, Grove St, and Center St175A Robert St-2Map F Westport Post 1950 
99 Sanford Rd175A Robert St-3Map G 1939 
99A Sanford Rd-1175A Robert St-4Map H Town Landing E Beach 
99A Sanford Rd-2175A Robert St-5Map I Ramp at Gooseberry 
99C Sanford Rd-1175B Robert St-1  
99C Sanford Rd-2175B Robert St-2  
99D Sanford Rd175C Robert St  
99E Sanford Rd-1176 Grand Pine Way