Greenwood Terrace Information

The Westport Housing Authority operates a 48-unit complex known as Greenwood Terrace conveniently located on State Road across from the Westport Plaza and Post Office.

  • All units are two rooms (1 bedroom) suitable for one person or a couple. 
  • Shared laundry facilities are available in the Community Room.
  • This affordable housing is available to applicants at least 60 years of age or disabled with income not exceeding $42,350 for one person or $48,400 for two people. 
  • Rent is based on 30% of the resident’s income (heat and electric are included). 
  • Applicants are processed according to a state determined priority basis. 
  • This authority is regulated by the Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) and overseen by a Board of Commissioners. 
  • You may request an application by calling (508) 675-2039 or stopping by the office between the hours of 9:00am and 11:00am, Tuesday and Thursday. Call ahead for additional office hours.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Is there a waiting list?
    There is always a waiting list. Local preference is given. Generally you could be on the waiting list from 6 months to 3 years depending on your status. You should get your application in as soon as you start thinking about moving.
  2. What are the assets limits?
    Annual income cannot exceed $42,350 for one person or $48,400 for two people.
  3. Are IRA’s considered an asset?
    IRA’s are not counted as an asset or an income until the tenant receives cash from it. Interest earned on IRA value is considered an asset.
  4. Is the sale of my home considered income?
    How the individual dispenses the proceeds of the house does not have any bearing on household income. The full value of a disposed asset will be retained as an asset for a period of two years. The capital gain will be imputed at 1% of the full market value and be included as household income for a two year period, regardless of gift giving to family members or payment of debts.
  5. How is the money in my savings accounts factored in to my assets?
    The Westport Housing Authority will usually ask for up to one year of bank statements to determine the average interest.
  6. What about my medical bills and prescription costs?
    Paid medical bills and health insurance are deductible. 
  7. Do the units have air conditioning?
    It is highly recommended that you have an air conditioner installed for your comfort. There is no additional utility cost to you. Review the policy at the time of leasing.
  8. Are window treatments provided?
    You are responsible for purchasing your own window treatments. There are 6 windows in each apartment. Mini Blinds or shades must be either white or ivory in color. The blinds must be lead-free and choke free. Our maintenance staff will install them for you. If buying blinds or shades, measurements and number needed are:
    Blinds: 43” X 52” (1) Shades: 42 7/8 (1)
                   34 1/2” X 48” (3) 33 1/4” (3)
                   23” X 52” (2) 22 1/4” (2)
  9. Can I have pets?
    Pets at Greenwood Terrace are limited to birds in cages and fish in aquariums. If you wish to have one cat, you may request a pet waiver. No dogs are allowed.
  10. Is there personal assistance to individuals on the premises?
    No, tenants must be capable of independent living. Home Health Aides and Nursing Services must be obtained by the individual.
  11. How many rooms in a unit?
    Each Unit is two rooms (1 bedroom) suitable for one person or a couple. Each unit has 2 entry points. 
  12. What appliances are provided?
    A gas stove and refrigerator are provided.