Trailer Permits

Recreational Trailer Permits - Permits are seasonal and valid from May 1st through November 1st of each year. Trailer permits are renewable each year. For first time applicants and requests to transfer permits,  a public hearing is necessary before the Board of Selectmen. Below you will find the necessary applications for applying.  

Construction / Building Trailer Permits - Proof must be provided that a well and septic are installed for home construction. A hand-drawn plan of area showing placement of trailer and outhouse must be submitted for construction purposes. Duration of the permit will be decided by the Board of Selectmen at a scheduled public hearing.

Emergency Trailer Permits- If there is an emergency such as a house fire, flood, etc. no public hearing is required and there is no fee. Applicant need only complete the application and submit it to the Board of Selectmen's office.

Below you will find the Application Forms.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact this office at 508-636-1003.