No Parking and Towing Areas

(7/12/06 - Permit #6-2671)
TICKETHorseneck RoadWest side of road from First Street to East Beach Road
TICKETEast Beach RoadJohn Reed Road easterly to Dartmouth Town Line
TOWEast Beach RoadJohn Reed Road westerly to West Beach Road
TICKETWest Beach RoadFrom the State Reservation to Gooseberry Island Causeway, State property, no parking on either side
TOW/TICKETJohn Reed RoadFrom the bridge to East Beach Road no parking on both sides
TOWBridge RoadRunning from State property and Cherry & Webb Lane south to State Reservation, no parking both sides
TOWCherry & Webb LaneBoth sides from State property westerly to dead end
TICKETWestport PointMain Road from pole number 41E/282 south to dead end: no parking on west side except for 15 minute parking from pole number 41E/289 to pole number 134/1
TICKETWestport HarborNo parking from 726 River Road south to 830 River Road
TOWWestport HarborDown from 830 River Road (Acoaxet Road) to ocean
TOWWestport HarborOn Beach Avenue from River Road (Acoaxet Road) both sides to dead end
TOWWestport HarborAtlantic Avenue from River Road (Acoaxet Road) both sides of roadway to Howland Road
TICKETRemington AvenueNo parking on Remington Avenue beginning at Atlantic Avenue to dead end
TICKETProspect AvenueFrom dead end crossing Remington Avenue also River Road (Acoaxet Road) to dead end
TICKETHowland RoadNo parking from Hillside Road to Ocean
TICKETHillside RoadNo parking on Hillside Road from Howland Road to Howland Road
TICKETFairway DriveNo parking on Fairway Drive from Howland Road to Pierce Road
TICKETPierce RoadFrom Fairway Drive to Howland Road
TICKETBrayton Point RoadNo parking from Howland Road to dead end
TICKETMain RoadEast side from a point at the intersection of Main Road and Old County Road in a southerly direction for a distance of 378 feet
TICKETMain RoadWest side from a point at the intersection of Main Road and Old County Road in a southerly direction for a distance of 675 feet
TICKETCornell RoadBoth sides for a distance of 100 feet at the junction of Main Road and Cornell Road and the intersection of Cornell Road and Adamsville Road
TICKETGifford RoadOn west side, from Old County Road to a point 50 feet north
TICKETHighland AvenueOn west side, from Pole #204/17A to the intersection of Forge Road and Highland Avenue (Sunset to Sunrise)
TICKETHix Bridge RoadBoth sides from Drift Road to Cadmans Neck Road
TICKETLassonde StreetBoth sides for a distance of 114 feet west of Sanford Road
TICKETOld County RoadSouth side of Old County Road from 497 Old County Road to Pine Hill Road, a distance of 1200 feet, and to be effective Monday through Saturday
TICKETOld County RoadNorth side of Old County Road from the gravel pit to Pine Hill Road
TICKETForge RoadIn front of 111 Forge Road