Board of Health

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Algae Bloom Warning!

Westport Area of South Watuppa Pond

Algae Bloom Warning


Reminder on Syringe/Needle Disposal Procedure

Prior to coming to the Annex Building, please call the Nurse to verify her availability @ 508-636-1030.  The nurse must be present to accept the syringes/needles and they MUST be in a container.  You can not leave them unattended if you arrive and the nurse is not available.


Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
John Swartz Health Agent
Linda Pierce Public Health Nurse 508-636-1030
Nancy Paquet Principal Clerk
Patricia Kershaw Senior Clerk
Matthew Armendo Director of Public Health 508-636-1015
Joseph C. Reis Health Agent
Frederick Ponte Special Agent

Board Members

Name Title
Tanja Ryden


Philip M. Weinberg

Vice Chair

Donna Amaral