Historical Commission

Mission Statement

The Westport Historical Commission has two sets of responsibilities:

  1. For the Town as a whole -- advisory body to Town government on matters relating to the preservation, protection, and development of the historical or archeological assets of the Town.
  2. For Historic Districts created by Town Meeting Vote -- regulatory authority as the Historic District Commission to oversee the Westport Point Historic District, through a review and approval process that seeks to:
    1. Preserve and protect the distinctive characteristics and settings of buildings and structures in the district;
    2. Assure that alterations and additions to all buildings and structures are not incongruous to the historic aspects or architectural characteristics of the existing building or structure or its surroundings; and
    3. Assure that new construction is compatible with neighboring buildings and fits into the context of the historic district. 

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Commission Members

Rud Lawrence


Janet Jones

CPC Representative

Caroline Bolter


Geraldine Millham

Member, Treasurer

William Kendall


Henry Swan


Michael Walden


Beverly Schuch


Garrett Stuck