Notes from the WWRMC

WWRMC is grateful for the speakers and participants in our Town's environmental challenges which include:

  • Claude Ledoux on historical review and submissions on agriculture, Mill Pond initiative and comprehensive environmental data; 
  • Laura Maul & Gerry Palano, with MA Dept. of Agricultural Resources on Agricultural Resources activities, Mill Pond initiative and comprehensive environmental data; 
  • Brad C. Chase and Mike Bednarski with MA Marine Fisheries on fish runs/ladders and nitrogen loads; 
  • Tara Martin, Conservation Commission on the town culvert project; 
  • David Rose, Bristol County Conservation District on farming and the environment;  
  • Linda Correia, Westport Consultant on Fall River water problems; 
  • Lenny Potter on septic and nitrogen issues in Westport; 
  • Dr. Brian Howes, SMAST on MEP report;
  • Bernie Taber, NRCS on the Sam Tripp Brook project;
  • Dave Janik, Coastal Zone Management on boating impacts;
  • Dr. Ken Perez on Oyster production;
  • Jane Linhares, Old Colony Planning Council on the Community Septic Program with the State;
  • Selectman R. Michael Sullivan and David Sprogis on the Goosebury Island Causeway Study;
  • Liz Lapointe, MA Chapter 90 funding; and
  • George T. Ayoub, MA DOT Engineer.


The Committee is to proud to have spearheaded the Towns Title 5 Betterment Program, the Sam Tripp Brook initiative and stormwater remediation projects throughout Westport including filtration changes with Fall Rivers water supply.


The Committee would like to thank Jay Tripp/Ag Com, Jim Walsh/Board of Health, Tom Schmitt/WRWA, and Bart Henderson/UMASS Law School for their directives and participation in cleaning Westport waters.

Respectfully submitted:
Dr. Antone C. Vieira (Chair & Precinct D)
Bill Harkins (Vice Chair & Precinct C)
Bill Burns (Secretary & Precinct B)
Dick Barresi (Precinct A)
Maury May (Precinct E)
Jay Tripp (AgCom)
Jim Walsh (Board of Health)
Chris Gonsalves (Highway Dept)