Helen Ellis Charitable Trust

Helen Ellis, 1889-1978

Helen Ellis - an artist and a dedicated educator - was a Westport resident for over 50 years. Her naturalistic woodcarvings have been displayed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Following her death in 1978, the proceeds from her estate were used to establish the Helen Ellis Charitable Trust. The Trust supports Ms. Ellis' dream of inspiring others to develop their creative talents.

Administered by Bank of America, the Trust provides funding for the Westport Cultural Council to give awards for projects that benefit Westport residents. Funding from the Helen Ellis Charitable Trust for Westport began in 1992. Since then, the Westport Cultural Council has awarded over $160,000 for approximately 150 arts and cultural programs that benefit Westport residents. For more information on the Helen Ellis Charitable Trust grant timeline, click here to see How to Apply for a Helen Ellis Charitable Trust Grant.