Mass DOT Offering "Veteran" Designation on License or ID

The Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) began offering Massachusetts veterans the option to have the word "Veteran" appear on their driver's license or ID card, starting in January 2012. The "Veteran" designation is intended to increase awareness about available resources and benefits. The feature will provide valuable information to first responders and will help the Department of Veterans' Services notify veterans of benefits they are eligible to receive. To have the "Veteran" Indicator added to your license or ID card, you will need to visit an RMV branch with your DD 214 (discharge). There is no additional cost for the "Veteran"designation, as long as it is added during an individuals' license renewal process. Standard license renewal and duplication fees apply. Please do not try to complete this transaction online. You can complete your driver's license renewal as an online transaction, but the Veteran's Indicator will not appear on your License or ID. Click here to visit the Massachusetts RMV website.

**The "Veteran" Indicator cannot be added through an online transaction.**