Real Estate FAQs

When are real estate tax bills mailed?

Real estate taxes are billed on a fiscal year starting July 1 and are due quarterly. Tax bills are mailed twice a year. The first and second quarter bills are mailed on or before July 1st and the third and fourth quarter bills are mailed on or before January 1st. No reminders are sent for the 2nd and 4th quarter bills.


When are real estate taxes due?

Real estate taxes are billed on a fiscal year starting July 1 and are due quarterly.

1st Quarter Due August 1st

2nd Quarter Due November 1st

3rd Quarter Due February 1st

4th Quarter Due May 1st


Can I pay for the full year at one time?

You can only pay two quarters at a time. The first and second quarter can be paid together and must be received by August 1st.. The third and fourth quarter can be paid together and must be received by February 1st


I've lost my bill for the next billing cycle – What should I do?

We cannot continue to mail out additional bills because it becomes too costly. You may call the office (508-636-1010) for the amount due and the bill number(s) so that we can correctly identify the account to apply your payment. If you would like a receipt include a self addressed stamped envelope with your payment.


Can I make partial payments on my real estate tax bill?

Yes. Partial payments are accepted on real estate taxes, however interest at the rate of 14% will be charged on any balance remaining after the due date.


I am a new owner and did not receive a bill - What should I do?

Contact the tax collector's office for a copy of the current bill. Phone 508-636-1010 or email


Why is the former owner's name(s) on my real estate tax bill?

The tax bill is assessed to the owner of record as of January 1st which is the assessment date for the fiscal year. The bill will be sent c/o the new owner provided the assessors have a copy of the new deed on file.


Do I qualify for any tax exemptions?

Real estate tax exemptions are available for year-round residents who are disabled veterans; or are over 70 years of age (financial qualifications apply); or are legally blind; or are widows (financial qualifications apply). Contact the Assessors Office for information and applications.


What is CPA?

Community Preservation Act. Voters of Westport adopted the Community Preservation Act at the town election on April 5, 2001 effective fiscal year 2003. The Act levies a 2% surcharge on real estate tax bills, for the purpose of historic preservation, affordable housing, and open space preservation. Under the Act, the Town of Westport will also receive an allocation of state funds for the same purpose.


How do I file for an abatement?

To file for an abatement, contact the Assessor's office.


What is a Municipal Lien Certificate (MLC)?

An MLC is a legal, recordable document that states the payment status of real estate taxes, town liens, special assessments, betterments, and town issued utility bills as of the date the certificate is processed.

Municipal lien certificates are commonly required when purchasing real estate, refinancing, or placing an insurance claim. It is common practice for your finance institution or closing attorney to request an MLC when you are purchasing or refinancing.


How do I obtain a Municipal Lien Certificate (MLC)?

To request an MLC, mail completed request form, $50.00 check payable to Town of Westport, and a self-addressed stamped envelope to: Tax Collector, P O BOX 3408, Westport, MA 02790. Please allow 10 business days for processing. MLC Request Form