Personal Property FAQs

What are Personal Property Taxes?

Massachusetts law requires that towns assess a tax on residential furniture and fixtures (second homes only - primary residence is exempt) and on commercial furniture, machinery and inventory unless expressly exempted by law. For more information please refer to the Assessors office


When are Personal Property taxes billed?

Personal property is billed on the same schedule as real estate tax.

Personal property taxes are billed on a fiscal year starting July 1 and are due quarterly. Tax bills are mailed twice a year. The first and second quarter bills are mailed on or before July 1st and the third and fourth quarter bills are mailed on or before January 1st. No reminders are sent for the 2nd and 4th quarter bills.


Personal property taxes are due quarterly.

1st Quarter Due August 1st

2nd Quarter Due November 1st

3rd Quarter Due February 1st

4th Quarter Due May 1st


Can I pay for the full year at one time?

You can only pay two quarters at a time. The first and second quarter can be paid together and must be received by August 1st.. The third and fourth quarter can be paid together and must be received by February 1st.


How do I file for an abatement?

To file for an abatement, contact the Assessor's office


I have escrow with my mortgage, why didn't my mortgage company pay the Personal Property Tax bill?

Your escrow only covers your real estate. Personal property is the sole responsibility of the taxpayer.