The Westport Board of Health is pleased to announce the availability of low interest loans to homeowners who need to upgrade a failed septic system or cesspool. A Betterment Agreement between the Town and an eligible homeowner may be used for all costs necessary to repair or replace a failed septic system including:

a. renovating the existing system;

b. hooking-up to existing sewer lines, where available; or

c. replacing traditional septic systems with an approved Title 5 alternative system.

The Community Septic Management Program is funded through the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Clean Water Trust Fund. The Program is implemented by the Board of Health. 

The money is available to qualifying homeowners for a period of 20 years. The Board of Health recently voted to lower the interest rate (from 5%) on this next round of the septic loan program to make it more advantageous for Westport homeowners faced with expensive repairs. The interest rate for upgrading a standard septic systems is now 4%. The interest rate for installing an enhanced nitrogen removal system is 1.5%. Enhanced nitrogen removal systems prevent nitrogen contamination of drinking water supplies, ponds and the Westport River.  

Monies can be borrowed to cover all aspects of the process (engineering, soil testing, permit and administrative fees, and construction). Homeowners obtain the estimates and choose the contractors.  The normal Board of Heath review and permitting process is still required. There is no credit check needed, but all municipal accounts (real estate taxes, water bill, etc.) must be paid and up to date to be eligible for a loan. The homeowner pays back the loan in the form of a betterment placed as an additional line item on the real estate tax bill twice a year over a 20 year period.

To start the application process or answer any questions, please contact the Program Administrator, Nelia Williams at williamsn@westport-ma.gov; 508-636-1035.