Cable License Renewal - Phase 1

The town's current cable license with Charter Communications (dba Spectrum) will expire on June 7, 2023. In accordance with federal law we will soon begin the process of ascertainment. This is Phase 1 of the renewal process and is intended to gather public comment on cable services delivered to town residents and town businesses in the preceding ten year period. The Cable Advisory Board is required to evaluate public comment along with existing performance records to determine if our current cable provider has honored its end of the existing contract in good faith. This is also the time for the Cable Advisory Board to determine what enhancements, if any, might be required of any new contract awarded to either our current cable provider or any potential competitors, should any be identified. At the conclusion of the ascertainment period, the Cable Advisory Board will issue its recommendation regarding cable services in the Town of Westport to the Select Board, which as the Issuing Authority has the power to enter into a licensing agreement with a cable operator/service provider.

As we move forward with this process, we will communicate with the general public. There is a potential to gather public comment through the use of mail-in or online survey as well as public meetings. Stay tuned for more information, as we plan to launch this process very soon. We will know more about the timeline for the launch of Phase 1 once we've held our June 2020 meeting.