Lot Letter (to determine if a lot is buildable or not)

If you are trying to determine if a lot is buildable, you will need to request a Lot Letter. This request will prompt the building inspector to review the property and determine if the lot can be built on. You will need the following items in order to request a lot letter:

  • Copies of the white index cards for the property in question as well as for each lot that is adjacent to the property -- these can be obtained from the Assessor's Office
  • A copy of the Map from the Assessor's office 

Once these items have been obtained, bring them to the Building Inspector's office to request a Lot Letter. There is a $40. fee for the letter. The building inspector will provide the letter after he makes his determination.

NOTE:  If you are inquiring about multiple lots, they need to be touching each other or a separate lot letter will be needed for each location.