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Contact information:

Marlene M. Samson, town clerk
Tel: 508-636-1000
Fax: 774-264-5152
Address: Town Hall, 816 Main Road, Westport, MA 02790
Hours: 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.-- Monday - Friday
First Monday of each month 8:30 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Meeting notice posting sheet

The following PDF file is the meeting notice posting sheet is required for any board, committee or commission to fill out to post a legal meeting. You may download the document here, print it, and fill out. There is a 48-hour posting period. Also, the person posting the meeting must sign the "notice" and bring it to the Town Clerk's Office or fax it to the Board of Selectman office: 508-636-1147. The finished document may be scanned and emailed, faxed, or delivered in person. Download Meeting Notice Posting Sheet


Dog Licenses: $15.00 - Male and Female; $10.00 Spayed and Neutered Valid Rabies Certificate required. By mail: send check payable to: "Town of Westport" and include Rabies Certificate, spay or neutered certificate and self-addressed, stamped return envelope. Certificate will be returned.Also:

  • $50.00 - 4 dog kennel
  • $75.00 - 10 dog kennel
  • $100.00 - more than 10 dog kennel

Beach Stickers: $30.00 per year, per vehicle. Issued to residents and non-resident property owners. Senior Citizens age 65 and older - $15.00 each. Vehicle registrations must be shown for each sticker. Non-Resident property owners must also show the most recent, paid Westport Real Estate tax bill.

NOTE TO NON-RESIDENT PROPERTY OWNERS: The vehicle registration and Westport tax bill must be in the same name/names.

Shellfish Permits:

Commercial Permits: $100.00 - Issued to Westport residents only. Must have a current Mass. State License.

Student Commercial Permits: $30.00 - Issued to Westport residents only. Must have a current Mass. State License and be under the age of 16.

Resident Family Permits: $25.00 - Issued to Westport residents and non- resident property owners. (family permits are issued to: husband, wife and their children who are under age 21 and living at home)

Senior Citizens Permits: $10.00 - Issued to Westport residents and non-resident property owners age 65 and older.

Non-Resident Permits: $100.00 - Issued to Mass. Residents not living in Westport.

14 Day Permits: $50.00 - Issued to NON Mass. Residents.

Dredging Permits: $300.00 - Issued to Westport residents.

b>Duplicate Permits: $5.00

Scallop Licenses:

Commercial Permits: $150.00 - Issued to Westport residents only. MUST have a current Mass. State License.

Resident Family Permits: $25.00 - Issued to Westport residents and non- resident property owners. (same rules apply as for Shellfish Permits)

Senior Citizens: $10.00 to Westport residents and non-resident property owners age 65 and older.

b>Non-Resident Permits: $125.00 - (same as Shellfish Permits)

Marriage Licenses: $25.00 application fee. Both parties must appear together in person. Three (3) day waiting period from date of application to date of issue. A valid drivers license or passport must be shown. License valid for sixty (60) days from date of application.

Hunting/Fishing Licenses: Fee varies depending on the type of license. To obtain a Hunting License, you must show one (1) of the following: 1) a previous years Hunting License (does not have to be from Mass.) 2) a current Firearms Identification Card 3) a current License to Carry Card 4) proof of passing a Hunter Education Course

Mass State Duck Stamps/Archery Stamps/Primitive Firearms Stamps: Mass. Duck Stamp - $5.00; Archery and Primitive Firearms Stamps - $5.10 each. Hunters are required to have a Mass. State Duck Stamp and Federal Duck Stamp (issued by Post Office - $15.00) in order to hunt Migratory Birds.

Please Note: For additional information on hunting and fishing, please see the Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife web site.

State Boat Ramp: $45.00 Seasons pass; $5.00 Daily rate. Ramp located off Route 88 at Back Eddy Restaurant. Open to residents and non-residents. Season pass issued by Town Clerk’s office. Vehicle registration required. Daily pass at Boat Ramp. Fill out envelope provided and drop in box.

Certified Vital Records: Birth Abstract (short form) -- $5.00 each Birth, Marriage, Death (long form) -- $10.00 each All written requests must include a check for the proper amount as well as a self-addressed, stamped return envelope. Check payable to: Town of Westport.

By-Laws: Zoning By-Laws -- $15.00; General By-Laws and Planning Board Sub-Division Rules and Regulations -- $20.00 each.

By-Laws will be mailed upon receipt of written request and check for above amount(s) and additional $3.00 postage for each, payable to: Town of Westport.

Town Meetings: Annual Town Meeting - held the first Tuesday in May and continue on Wednesday and Thursday if needed. Special Town Meetings are called by the Selectmen any time they deem it necessary. Meetings are held at Westport High School at 7:30 p.m.

Open Town Meeting -- Department Heads and registered voters of the Town may attend. Those residents who are not registered voters may attend Town Meeting only after receiving permission from the Moderator.

Town Elections/Voting: Annual Town Election - held the second Tuesday in April. To register to vote, go to Town Clerk's or Registrar's Office at Town Hall during regular business hours. You may register by mail or at the Registry of Motor Vehicles. You must be registered to vote at least twenty (20) days before elections and/or Town Meetings.

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